Technical Specs


•  All Tube Signal Path
•  200 Watts Class AB
•  (4) JJ KT-88 Power tubes
•  (3) JJ 12ax7 Preamp tubes
•  Capable of both clean and overdriven sounds, no pedals required
•  Over-Spec’d Power and Output Transformers
•  Mustard Mallory Caps, Carbon Comp Resistors
•  Features Gain, Bass, Middle Sweep, Treble, and Master Controls
•  Illuminated LED Hour Glass

The tone controls cover very wide frequency ranges, so the below measurements are just the absolute peak of those ranges. Due to the dynamics of the tone stack, the frequencies given are not necessarily the only frequencies adjusted, just the absolute peaks.

Mid Sweep - 250Hz to 1.1kHz (depending on position of bass and treble)
Bass - 25 Hz +/- 19dB
Treble - 1.4kHz +/- 15dB (up to 20kHz with certain settings)
Input Impedance - 1M Ohm
Dimensions - 23.5 in. W x 12 in. L x 12 in. H (including feet and handles)
Weight - 50 lbs.

CLICK HERE for the owner's manual in PDF!

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